30 November, 2021

Regional Centre

Counselling Schedule


Online Counselling Schedules for July, 2021 Session

LSC-0111 - Counselling Schedule for Re-Registered for July, 2021 session

LSC-1153-Counselling Schedule

LSC-01154- Counselling Schedule 

LSC-01131-Counselling Schedule for Management Programmes

LSC -01154 - Practical Counselling Schedule





Online Counselling Schedules for January, 2021 Sessions

01129 - DCCN Counselling Schedule

01129 - BSC(N) - 2nd year Counselling Schedule

0155-BAG, BAEGH, BASOH, BAPCH, BAHDH Counselling Schedule 

0155-BCom Counselling Schedule

01151-Counselling Schedules

01131-MLIS Practical Counselling Schedule

01131-MP, PG Diplomas and MPB Counselling Schedule

01162-DNHE Counselling Schedule

01152-MAPC 1st year Counselling Schedule

0111-LSC Counselling Schedule

01129-B.Sc.(Nursing) - 2nd year 

01129-B.Sc.(Nursing) 2nd year

01129-B.Sc.(Nursing)-1st year 

0112-PGDMCH Counselling Schedule

01129 - DNA Counselling Schedule

01129 - BSC(Nursing)-1st Year

0112P- PGDMCH Counselling Schedule



Online Counselling Schedules for July, 2020 Session

01162-MScDFSM-1st Year Practical Counselling links 

01162-MScDFSM - 1st Year MFNL002 Practical Sessions Counselling and Exam Schedule

Dates of counselling sessions and Examinations.

01162-MScDFSM-2nd Year Practical Counselling Schedule

01112-DDT Counselling schedule

01152- MAPC-1st Year Practical Counselling Schedule 

List of Students for 1st year Practical Counselling Sessions Batch-wise

01152 - MAPC - 2nd year Practical Counselling Schedule

List of Student for 2nd year Practical Counselleing Sessions - Elective Wise

NOTE for MAPC - 1st and 2nd Year Missed out Practical Students  of Previous Batches  - Missed out students of Practical sessions of previous batches if willing are advised to send an email request to rcheval01@ignou.ac.in.  They will be given opportunity and a new batch will be created and the time schedule will be informed accordingly to such learners.



01112-Counselling Schedule

01151-Counselling Schedule

0155- Counselling Schedule

0155- Counselling Schedule-2

0105 - PGCGI Practical Counselling Schedule

01131-Counselling Schedule of BLIS and MLIS

01162-Counselling Schedule of M.Sc(DFSM) and DNHE

0111-Counselling Schedules

01129 - DNA Counselling Schedule

0158 - Counselling Schedule

0112 - Counselling Schedule

01153 and 01154  - CCH Theory Counseliing Schedule 

01154 - CCH Clinical Schedules 

 0111 - Counselling Schedules for Re-Registration

0155 - Online Counselling for BA - Schedules

0155- Online Counselling Schedules for B.Com

01153 - Counselling Schedules 

01162 - MSCDFSM Counselling Schedules

01131 - Counselling Schedule of Management Programme

01162 - MFN4 of MSCDFSM of July 2019 Counselling Schedule

01154 - Practical Counseeling Schedule



Online Counselling Schedules for January 2020 Session


01152 - MAPC -1st Year counselling schedule 

01153- CCH January 2020 session Counselling Schedule





Counselling Schedules for July, 2019 Session




Counselling Schedule for January 2019 Session


Counselling Schedule for July 2018 Session

Counselling Schedule for January 2018 Session

Counselling Schedule for July 2017 Session