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MAPC Project and Internship for TEE-December, 2022 Scheduled Dates

16 February, 2023

The Project Viva-Voce for MAPC - 2nd year for TEE-December, 2022 are as follows :

1 Internship Viva-Voce for MPCE015/MPCE-025/MPCE-035 is on 19th February 2023 : List of Students Submitted/Applied

2. Project Viva-Voce for MPCE-16 and MPCE-36 is on 20.02.2023 - List of Students Submited/Applied

3. Project Viva-Voce for MPCE-26 is on 23.02.2023 - List of Students Submitted/Applied


NOTE :  All those who have submitted their Project Reports through ONLINE are advised to come with the Project Report - Hard Copy and IGNOU identity card