24 July, 2024

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Career guidance opportunities for IGNOU learners

26 December, 2022

 Dear Students of IGNOU,  

We are happy to inform you that the University, in collaboration with UNICEF is going to organize a series of webinars for IGNOU learners wherein they will be provided career guidance and support  in seeking suitable employment. These webinars shall be held every week. The schedule, once finalized, shall be shared with you. The series is likely to start from the second week of January, 2023. These webinars shall generally be of two hours' duration. 
We will also be sharing flyers on the RC website/facebook/twitter.. The continuance of the series shall depend on the level of participation of learners. 
These webinars shall play an important role in enhancing the employability of the learners. I look forward to your whole-hearted support in making this exercise a success.
Regional Director
IGNOU Regional Centre